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IT Support   Dave Roche from Penso… “Cipher-IT has been the preferred IT partner to Penso for a number of years, during which time Penso has grown significantly. Throughout this process Cipher-IT have provided consistent and appropriate solutions to keep Penso at the front of engineering technology without needlessly over-specifying our hardware. Penso have further significant growth planned in 2011, and feel assured having Cipher-IT alongside – we consider Cipher an important part of our team.”
IT Support   Lloyd Smith from Forest Holidays LLP… “Cipher-IT seamlessly integrated with our support teams and are constantly delivering a high level of support. Their managed service ensures our internal IT team are in a position to deliver projects whilst ensuring that critical areas such as support and maintenance are never neglected, therefore reducing downtime and increasing productivity”
IT Support   Matt Rose from CPP (Manufacturing) Ltd… “Having brought on Cipher-IT Ltd has had a big influence in moving our business to the next level. All aspect of the scope of work carried out by Cipher is excellent and our IT system is now thankfully robust. Their response to problem solving is second to none.”
IT Support   Sue Anderson from TGFP… “We have been using Cipher now for a number of years. Throughout this time they have helped us in every aspect of our IT – including ensuring that our office move went without any downtime.”
IT Support   Tim Bland from 8d Closures… “This month is our 5th anniversary of working with Cipher-IT. Over this period Cipher has looked after all of our IT needs including CAD, Servers, Laptops, ftp sites, telephones, purchase of hardware and software and a recent move of facility. During this period the service has supported us robustly and helped us achieve our goals. We look forward to the next 5 years at the same high efficient and robust levels we have come to expect of Cipher-IT.”
IT support   Bill Savage from Power Tec… “Cipher handle all our IT service and support requirements. Response is good with almost zero downtime. We use both PC’s and Mac’s and the Cipher guys do the lot. Even down to setting up our fancy mobile telephones with multiple email addresses.”
IT Support   Derek Wine from BDA (British Deaf Association)… “Solved our current IT Problems and installed new IT equipment. they are always available on call whenever we have an emergency.” 
IT Support   Neal Marshall from VSS… “Cipher IT have taken away the headache of ensuring our computer and networks are always working for our staff. They operate in the background monitoring our system, and often tell us of any problem well before we know that it has occurred and that it is fixed. Very knowledgeable team. First class service.”
IT Support   Simon Petros from Premier Health Products… “I run a small business with 15 employees. We have been using Cipher for about 3 years to support our on-site server and desktop PCs. They sorted out all of our initial problems very quickly, and have worked to get our systems into a position where we have very little trouble day to day, as a lot of things are handled in a pre-emptive manner, meaning less headache and hassle for us. We log any new issues on their system, and they get attended to very quickly, with automatic progress reports sent through to us via email, so we can keep track of things. They have completed a couple of major server upgrade projects for us, which have been done very well, and usually out of hours and with minimum disruption to our working day. Our system is much more stable and secure than ever, which gives us great peace of mind, and means I can focus on our core business activities, rather than dedicating time to annoying IT issues. I feel very confident in recommending Cipher-IT, as they have helped us enormously with our IT set-up, and I feel I get superb value for money.”
IT Support   John Oliver from Nuneaton T-Shirt Printers… “Cipher-IT take care of all our equipment/network and have done for a number of years. We’re only a small business, but we have always been treated exactly the same as the bigger customers they have. Service is always prompt and in my view way beyond what anyone could reasonably expect, which is extremely refreshing in an age where few companies actually seem to care. The peace of mind in having Cipher-IT at the end of a phone cannot be understated – they are always happy to sort out any problems I may have, whether over the phone or in person, and are very proactive in advising and implementing enhancements which really have benefitted our business – an honest customer focus. Cipher-IT have without a doubt added value to our business and as such they come with the highest possible recommendation.”
IT Support   Jas Dhariwal from Shapesystems LTD… “We have used Cipher It for a number of years.They initially just helped out with occassional IT support.We soon realised when a couple of our IT support staff left that it would be far more economical and provide us with a higher level of IT support if we outsourced it to CIPHER.Haven’t looked back since keep up the good work!”
 IT Support   Martin Anderson from Hayward Architects… “Cipher-IT Ltd. provide a complete management service for all of our IT systems and a focused support package that allows us to concentrate on the key areas of our business. They understand that IT is an critical part of our business and that it’s disruption will interrupt our revenue stream. In that regard, they are available throughout the working day for telephone assistance and remote sessions if required and additionally provide regular hardware and software checks to ensure the smooth running of our business. They have the ability to anticipate potential problems and resolve them and, in some cases, without us being aware that they have done so. In this regard, it is often difficult to truly value their worth. It is fair to say that they are in tune with the aspirations of our practice.”


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