5 tips to extend your iPhone/iPad Battery

Here are 5 ways to extend your apple iPad/iPhone device battery

1. Adjust Auto Brightness

Obviously whilst using your iPad the screen will be the biggest drain on the battery ,yet there is no reason to keep it at full brightness all the time.

5 ways to extend your apple iPad/iPhone device battery

If you swipe up from the bottom of the screen you will see this screen – adjust the brightness slider at the top right to a level that is still usable but saves you a lot of battery

2. Bluetooth and Cellular Data

If you are not using it turn off the Bluetooth connection on your device to save battery. Also if you have a cellular iPad, you can keep it disabled until you need to use it.

3. Background App Refresh

Almost every app installed on your iPad will refresh their content in the background. This can be useful for some apps that you use often, but otherwise it’s just a battery drain. Switch off those you know you don’t need to keep updated constantly

4. Disable Location Services

There are a lot of apps that use your location even when the app is not running. You can find the location settings for each app under Settings, Privacy, Location Services.

It is better to choose per app – as some don’t ever need to know your location. Try to set as many as you can to never or While Using – always is bad because the app will constantly lookup your location in the background.

Some apps only give you the option of Never and Always – in which case it may be worth trying to find a replacement app that has the third option as well.

5. Check Battery Usage

Finally go to Battery under Settings to see which apps are using the most battery over a 24 hour or seven-day period. If you notice anything unusual here check the settings for the app or remove it entirely if you can live without it.

5 ways to extend your apple iPad/iPhone device battery

Hope that these help you get more life from your iPad or iPhone and don’t face that familiar frustration of having ran out of battery by 2pm every day.

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