Being “Green” – Are you doing your bit for the planet?

Being “Green” – Are you doing your bit for the planet?

We all know the importance of being “green” and doing our bit to reduce the harmful CO2 emissions and I imagine the office is one area where we are not doing all we can.

It may seem daunting, a sense of what can we possibly do to make a dent in this. Yet if each of us just changed what we can control collective savings could make a genuine difference.

  • Every PC that has a Flat Screen monitor left on standby overnight and weekends uses 86kg and costs £20 a year per PC.
  • Photocopier left on standby overnight & weekends uses 183kg and costs £42 a year.
  • Laser Printers switched off in evenings & weekends save 91kg a year and costs £21 a year.
  • Print documents only when absolutely necessary! Sharing files with colleagues is easily done.
    We also have larger screens to view information on now so the need for printing is hugely reduced.
  • Keep control of your heating and cooling. Keeping the temperature down 1 degree in winter and 1 degree up up in summer can reduce power usage by up to 10%
  • Hire an energy audit company for an audit of your office. Many utility companies offer a free energy audit program to ensure that you are using energy efficiently. Give them a call and see if they can help you identify areas to trim down your energy needs.

As you can see it only takes each of us to do a small bit in reducing our energy usage. The collective savings would make a real difference to the environment and your business.

What would your top energy saving tips be?

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