Cyber Security

Why Cyber Security?

In 12 months 875,000 UK small businesses suffered at least one cyber attack. Protect your business from the growing threat (Source: Zurich SME Risk Index)

Having peace of mind about Cyber Security allows you to focus on your core business objectives, knowing that you’re protected from the vast majority of common cyber attacks. We recommend that all companies address the five key controls that, when implemented correctly, can prevent around 80% of cyber attacks. Achieving a Cyber Security Accreditation will also help you address other compliance requirements such as the upcoming GDPR.
Demonstrate security

Demonstrate your commitment to protecting your own data and that of your customers and suppliers
Show that you value their information and how crucial it is to both of your businesses
Reassure your employees that their personal information will be protected
Demonstrate Security
Increase opportunities

Be able to bid for UK Government contracts that involve the handling of personal and sensitive information
Boost your reputation and have a great chance of securing business within the private sector
A growing number of organisations insist on the accreditation - don't lose out on contracts through inaction
Boost business efficiency

Concentrate on your business goals safe in the knowledge you are protected from the majority of cyber attacks
Avoid costly downtime that can happen when your systems are hacked
Find a trusted partner to perform the accreditation on your behalf
Save money

Insurance agencies look favourably on organisations with Cyber Essentials, often resulting in lower insurance premiums
Avoid costly loss of reputation from being unable to provide your service due to a cyber attack
Reduce the risk of losing clients who move to competitors that are accredited

Don't leave it to chance, choose Cipher-IT 

Cipher-IT can work with your business to help you acquire the Cyber Essentials accreditation.
Cipher-IT Offer a range of tried and tested Security products that can complement your corporate AV solution.
We can also provide a managed security package solution that boasts 100% detection/block rate on Crypto Locker and its variants.

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