5 Tips to Keep Safe From Phishing Emails

In the light of yet another cyber attack on a hospital, in which the cause is thought to once again be a phishing email please see our tips on keeping your business safe.

Research by Datto reports that IT service providers advised 46 percent of the ransomware attacks they observed were because of phishing email.

5 Tips to keep safe

  1. Do not open emails from people you don’t know without scanning them first for malware. Almost all anti-malware packages have email scanning capabilities.
  2. Safest approach is to not click on anything inside an email from someone you are not absolutely certain of.
    If the email is from a bank or a service you subscribe to, delete it unless you requested it. Even with a password reset email but even then check the email address it has come from!
    A legitimate email address would have name of the business after the @ symbol. Do NOT trust emails pretending to be from big companies using free email services like yahoo, gmail and hotmail.
  3. Phishing emails often ask you to reset your ID / password or provide them with account or personal data.
    Furthermore, opening a new web browser & going directly to that site to make changes is far more prudent – do not click on links within suspicious emails
  4. Look at the style of wording. Often a phishing email will contain words that don’t match with previous correspondence.
  5. Rather than bring down the whole business it is better to speak with your technical support, no matter how foolish you think it may sound.

Never make payments via links in an email, or to bank details shown in an email.
If you are expecting to pay for a product or service – go to the website in question to complete a transaction.
If you are making a bank transfer call the company in question. Obtain the number from their website and verify bank details with them before making any payments!

In conclusion we need to be ever more vigilant with our emails. Hopefully these few tips will help keep you and your business safe from phishing email.

Thank you for reading.

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