Supporting Your IT Manager – How We Can Help

The lone IT Manager can cut a solitary figure in many a small business.

Locked away in server rooms or found under desks, they provide IT support to keep the company operational.

However – they are only human. They still need to take holidays. They still end up off sick from time to time. And they cannot understand every technology or system.

When this happens, how does your business cope? As a small business, often it is impossible to employ a second person to help in that role. Costs generally rule that out.

However, there is one easy solution to this problem – let Cipher IT be a helping hand for your in house specialist.

Use our business to benefit your business.

Our wide range of knowledge

Our team have diverse skills across many hardware and software technologies. Our combined IT support knowledge is extensive and provides a lifeline for your IT manager when needed.

Partner relations with Microsoft and other key IT organisations allow us to provide priority support when it’s required.

Our experience of supporting other companies in your sector means we have the benefit of seeing industry wide issues, and best practices to resolve them.

IT Manager called in sick?

If your IT Manager calls in sick, we help keep your IT running smoothly to allow them to fully recuperate.

One off project to complete?

When you have a project that needs undertaking, or a deadline looming fast, our extra resource can be called upon only for the time you require.

Always reactive? 

Most IT Managers spend all day firefighting just to keep the business running.

They know your business better than we do – so we can help with the daily tasks or mundane jobs allowing your IT Manager to focus on IT strategy & critical projects.

We can also provide business strategy and planning if your IT manager instead wants to focus on the daily running of the infrastructure.

What to do next? 

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