Remote working – is your business prepared?

Remote working – is your business prepared?

Given the recent spell of bad weather – how prepared is your business for when your staff cannot travel to work?

There are a number of reasons this could happen – weather stopping travel, schools closed, car broke down.
However, there are also many ways you can ensure staff are able to work from home.

Cloud Solutions

The easiest and most reliable method. Most major applications nowadays will offer a cloud based solution, Office 365, Sage, etc.
Many systems are only cloud based.
Using cloud tools such as Instant Messaging, Skype etc can ensure collaboration with employees working at home doesn’t suffer.

As long as there is an internet connection, the program works the same anywhere.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If you don’t use intense programs such as Sage, and just need users to access data on network drives on the server. These connections allows staff to work as though they are in the office.

Remote Desktop Connection (RDP)

This requires an RDP server – but it allows users to connect to a “remote” desktop and work in the exact same manner as though they were at the office. Only the screen is transmitted across the internet.
This means you can work on any systems that would otherwise function slowly across the internet connection.
Some companies, however, don’t wish to utilise cloud solutions and prefer using on premise applications. Those businesses would benefit from such a solution.

Voice Over IP Systems  (VOIP)

Having a VOIP phone solution means you can easily forward calls to mobiles, or have VOIP handsets at staff homes. This ensures your staff can make and take calls for your business from home

What measures have you put in place when staff cannot make it in?

It is not just bad weather either!
How many times would your staff and business have benefited from the ability to work from home due to childcare issues, broken down vehicles etc.

Given the range of options available there is no reason not to ensure you have measures in place for these eventualities.

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Remote working - is your business prepared?