Stop thinking of I.T as an unnecessary expenditure..

and start realising how critical it is to your business…

So many business owners still view I.T spending as something they are forced to do.
They either ignore it entirely or look for free alternatives until it fails entirely and production stops.
Most businesses are lost without fully functioning technology – so why leave it until something drastic happens? There is also the consideration of using technology to help grow your business.

Ask yourself what would occur if your computer stopped working, internet connection went offline, or company data was infected with malware and you can no longer function.
What impact would this have on your ability to provide a service to your clients? How would it impact your bottom line – and your reputation.

Cyber security is hugely neglected – companies using free anti virus, home level firewalls, poor password policies, unencrypted laptops and portable drives and more.

But, why would hackers target us?!

So many businesses risk their critical data by not investing in security measures such as firewalls, malware protection, offsite disaster recovery systems and more.

Perhaps this is from a belief hackers won’t target them, but hackers don’t care who they attack. Most have no interest whatsoever in your data. What they do care about is what you would be prepared to do to save it.

It is easy to be held to ransom if you don’t safeguard your data. What impact would saving a small amount of money have on your business when affected by downtime?
Then there is damage to reputation should your customers found out you weren’t closely guarding all their confidential information.

It happens all the time to small businesses – cyber criminals look for an easy target, those with an “it won’t happen to us” mindset. Its the same as driving around without car insurance just because you think you’re a safe driver!
Even more critical now that GDPR is in effect – now is not the time take risks with your clients personal data!

Make Technology work for you

For most workers, technology is the most crucial part of the business. Recognising IT as the investment it is, rather than an expense, helps the business immensely.

The right investments can help your business by:

  • Saving time and money
  • It has been proven time & time again workers are happier and more productive when they’re able to do their jobs effectively.
  • Reducing risk of cyber threats – fully updated systems and software makes it harder for hackers.

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Thanks for reading

and start realising how critical it is to your business...